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RAD Group’s structure guarantees customers to be serviced in the best possible way all along the process – from preliminary consultations to upgrade of already existing communication networks. We have all the necessary resources – offices in Sofia and Varna, substantial car park, professional testing and analysis equipment for all kinds of communication solutions. We also support well-developed nationwide distribution network.

Our team is specialized in several areas: Commercial Department is responsible for contacts with partners, equipment suppliers and distributors around the country, along with sales and administrative servicing the customers.

Technical Department deals with development and implementation of communication solutions, technical service and support, consultations and training. Significant number of our expert are certified in different areas: Certified BreezeCOM Technician (10 people); CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Professional, Cisco Certified Network Associate, Cisco Sales Expert) (6), certified by 3Com (3), by RAD Data Communications (2), by RiT (5), by R&M (4), by BrandRex (3), by RADCom (1), by EcTel (1) and by Microsoft (1).

Financial and Accounting Department is responsible for structuring, optimization and accounting the financial activities of the company, as well as researches the most cost effective financial solutions for each project.

Marketing Department monitors market tendencies to provide the company with business perspectives, up-to-date information for customers’ needs and the tools for their satisfaction. This department takes care for the public presence of the company and its effective advertising communication.

The office in Varna keeps direct contacts with customers and partners located in Northeast Bulgaria and executes projects of the company in this region.

We believe the professionalism of our team, the constant actualization of their expertise and the perfect coordination between the departments within the company, are among the most significant reasons for the high level of customer trust RAD GROUP has gained.

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