About us

RAD Group CT is a Bulgarian private company established in 1991, specialising in system integration and successfully developing in a number of different business areas. Our main business involves design and implementation of complete information infrastructures, integrated solutions for corporate security, network and information security, etc. In each business area we provide comprehensive services involving consultation, design, delivery, installation, training, and support, warranty and out-of-warranty repair, and many additional services.

Our company is structured in such a way that our users may rely on optimal assistance throughout the entire process – from preliminary consultation to design, development, and upgrading of any already installed communication networks and security systems. You can find the offices and repair centres of RAD Group Communication Technologies Ltd in Sofia and Varna, and we also have our own fleet, professional testing and analysing equipment for all kinds of communication solutions, and a team of highly qualified professionals certified in different fields.

Since the establishment of RAD Group Communication Technologies Ltd, our mission has been:

  • To provide high-technology and cost-efficient solutions in the communications and security sector;
  • To integrate the systems in the different technological fields;
  • To guarantee the professionalism of our personnel by continuous improvement of their qualifications and competences;
  • To focus on the customers: To gain the loyalty of our customers by providing them with useful ‘customised’ projects allowing them to keep their investment and extend our collaboration;
  • To guarantee the provision of professional maintenance and excellent repairs