The development of a wireless network for business purposes is a very challenging task. Business customers are accustomed to using broadband access. Besides, the connection must be reliable and comparable to that supplied by the cable service in order to comply with the service level agreements (SLA) universally accepted on the market. The business connectivity solution can easily overcome this serious challenge and provide a high-quality service to its business customers at very low initial expenses and maintenance costs. Thanks to the base stations supplied by RCT, operators are able to develop a network with significantly fewer base stations. These can also be supported remotely, thanks to the extended scope of the network. That is why operators may develop a business network with wireless broadband access in a fast and cost-efficient way.

Main advantages:

  • High capacity and top signal quality in the wireless network using the beamforming technology
  • Short-range connectivity in the absence of direct line-of-sight and long-range connectivity in direct line-of-sight
  • Better network coverage with significantly fewer base stations
  • A cost-effective and easy to implement solution providing services to already existing standard customers