The customer group in rural areas is typically very small and dispersed over larger geographic territory. Normally, the needs of rural areas are best met by the supply of broadband access to remote locations, mostly military bases, police stations, hospitals, and schools.

The broadband wireless solution for rural areas supplies an extended range without compromising capacity or quality of the service. The solution is based on wireless broadband base stations using the unique and powerful beamforming technology.

The solution also supports Voice over IP for rural areas: phone booths, landlines, gated complexes and other applications. This is possible by adding a VoIP portal to the terminal WiFi device. The broadband wireless base station supports a mechanism for quality of service which guarantees the high priority of the VoIP traffic.

Main advantages:

  • Provides wireless broadband solution for both internet access and Voice-over-IP: a unique value proposition for the service provider
  • The solution involves cost-efficient infrastructure implementation and maintenance
  • Supports long transport connections with multiple point-to-point segments of up to 20 km per device