Buildings such as hotels, offices, and government edifices which have to supply broadband wireless service to their occupants and visitors are often equipped with unhandy and inefficient infrastructure throughout the entire building. In order to develop a broadband wireless installation in a 15-storey building with 4 wings per floor, it is usually necessary to position 60 points of access. Additionally, each point of access needs a cable network connection.

The solution providing coverage in buildings is a very cost-efficient alternative which is faster to install and easier to support. By positioning only one or two base stations outside the building, it is possible to provide coverage on all floors and in all wings. The coverage of the base stations is so effective that it supplies a connection even to weaker customers, such as laptops with a built-in WiFi customer.

This solution requires much lower costs. The expenses for infrastructure are much lower due to the fewer base stations (capital expenses), as are the support expenses which are decreased for the same reason (operating expenses).

Main advantages:

  • Provides good indoor penetration, which guarantees real access to the premises and offices in the building
  • Requires lower infrastructure implementation and maintenance costs
  • Easy to install, with minimum coaxial alignment