People already take for granted that they will get good internet connection wherever they go. Unfortunately, the required cable infrastructure is not always in place. This is where the wireless infrastructure very often becomes the perfect solution for the provision of broadband internet access.

Our solution involves a broadband wireless base station located in the centre of a neighbourhood or a village, with internal self-assembled terminal devices which the customer can buy and position next to a window in their home. The terminal devices receive the broadband wireless signal from the external base station and distribute it to the homes.

An additional and very important function that the operators may offer to the customers of the broadband wireless solution is the VoIP phone service connected to the broadband internet access. This can be achieved by adding a VoIP portal to the terminal device. The broadband wireless base station supports quality of service (QoS) mechanisms which guarantee high VoIP traffic priority.

Main advantages:

  • Cost-efficient solution with low expenses and mass terminal devices for a Wi-Fi network
  • Improved network coverage with significantly fewer base stations
  • Good indoor penetration guaranteeing actual access to the homes in the area where the solution is implemented